TT: Micrometeorology and Agronomical Process Modelling

Leader : Andrej Ceglar ( EC JRC )

Vice -leader : Branislava Lalić ( University of Novi Sad ), Boris Đurđević ( University of Osijek )

Members : Joan Cuxart ( University of the Balearic Islands ) , Nandor Fodor ( University of Leeds ), Josef Eitzinger ( University of natural resources and life sciences ), Mirek Trnka ( CzechGlobe ), Andreja Sušnik ( ARSO ), Gregor Gregorič ( ARSO ), Juraj Balkovič ( IASA ), Klemen Eler ( Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana ), Catalin Lazar ( National institute of agricultural research and development )


– determination of agro-climatic suitability for crop production

– assessment of adaptation strategies for agricultural activitie to climate extremes

– integration of socio-economic aspects to support integrated approach to evaluate adaptation strategies

– better understanding of the role of agriculture in mitigation potential

– improved understanding of canopy micrometeorology for more realistic simulation of heat and drought stress impact on crop growth, improving model parameterizations

– improved understanding of surface and boundary layer processes in the basin